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Woman canoeing down calm mountain river
Woman wearing life vest canoeing down a calm mountain river.The perfect place to start your journey.

Canoeing is a great way to explore different waterways and

As an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending long summer days canoe racing, swimming, and casually enj

This morning I read the horrifying news about a group of people who were floating a river in tubes a

This story made me smile! In Florida, two women were out on the lake at Fort DeSoto Park when they w

Canoe racing is back! Thank goodness. Last year, the pandemic canceled everything in our world, at l

Did you know that Lewis and Clark had an iron canoe? It’s true! (Wow, that rhymes). Yes, the L

If you’ve ever taken a canoe onto a remote wilderness lake or perhaps on a multi-day canoe tre

Will a canoe sink? Um, Yes. However, it is a little harder for a canoe to sink than you might think?

When Thomas Jefferson dispatched Lewis and Clark on the adventure of the century, the Corps of Disco

As I walked the path that led to the stream,

And felt the sun’s rays upon me beam.

I thought how w

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