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To save your time and book from your home, we have provide online booking services. Go and check canoes availability and book what you want.


We are the leading custom canoes builders. We design, build and sell double-paddle canvas, wood, any specific materials custom canoes that have good quality.


Now introduced same day delivery guarantee and in a day guarantee for deliveries. If you order before 12 noon, We will deliver the same day.


We provide special offer for Wilderness Tripping Canoes that is If you buy a new Wilderness Tripping Canoes immediatly you will get 25% discount.

General Services

General Repair work for Canoes

We are experienced in carrying out a variety of general repair works on all canoes, in particular River tripping canoes, Racing Canoes, Recreational Canoes, Wilderness Canoes.

Hull Exteriors Cleaning

We clean, wash with mild soap and water. To beautify, we recommend occasional use of a vinyl protectant product or a polish such as Pledge. These products offer protection plus they bring out the shine and color of the Canoes.

Hull Interiors Cleaning

As the floor of your Canoe may become slippery. Wood canoe interiors are finished with a tough spar varnish. You can touch up the wood as needed with spar varnish.

Wood Parts Maintenance

Many of our canoes have some parts made from wood. We are coated polyurethane for protect wood element that will give long time for canoes.

Synthetic Parts Maintenance

Many synthetic parts are used in my company have good durability. Vinyl gunwales, polyethylene seats and decks, and ABS decks are easily maintained with a mild soap and water.

Replacement Parts

If you purchase an item from My company and find that it is missing a component, then visit my company with proper receipt and get your product through my Replacement counter.

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